Mobile Vaccination Clinics

We believe that mobile health clinics serve an important role in the health care system, providing care to some of the most vulnerable populations. Our teams of passionate professionals are trained to run and facilitate the vaccine and site logistics from beginning to end.

COVID-19 Testing

We know that effective testing is essential in helping slow the spread of the virus by identifying those who have the virus and enabling treatment or isolation. We offer a variety of services to help meet the needs of our community in the fight against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Care

There are two types of medications currently available to treat COVID-19 for people who are at least 12 years old, weigh at least 88 pounds, and are at higher risk of becoming hospitalized or dying from the virus: antiviral medications and monoclonal antibodies. We offer both.

Medical Staffing

We can help your healthcare facility meet its most challenging recruitment goals while reducing unnecessary hiring and vacancy costs by providing flexible, temporary locum tenens staffing for nurses and other healthcare professionals in all specialties.

Global Development

Our Global Development Team reduces access gaps in healthcare by innovatively mobilizing resources and strategies to diminish the burden of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Local Strategies

Our Local Strategies Team collaborates with local and state government entities, businesses, and community-based organizations by delivering solutions that overcome barriers to healthcare access.

We believe that strategic solutions are found where synergy and inspiration meet.

When you're in the business of caring for people, it's essential to stay focused on the quality of care you provide. Bird's Eye Medical identifies opportunities for improvement and equips your organization with real solutions. Whether it is providing medical staffing, strategic planning, reducing barriers to access, or improving patient engagement at every level, we help you meet your goals.

Current Projects

We are strategically collaborating with Washington State government agencies to empower a response to the impact of Covid-19. We have been at the forefront of testing, vaccination, prevention, and treatment. Through developing mass and mobile testing, prevention, and treatment clinics we are responding to the needs of our community.

Mobile Vaccination Clinics

Covid-19 Vaccinations

Communities Served

Connection is the first step to your solution.

What our strategic partners say.

"I wanted to take a second and thank you all for your amazing work that you have done over the past year+ with Covid-19 therapeutics. Birds Eye Medical has really proven themselves to be an amazing partner for the Dept of Health and a vital resource for the state of Washington. The things you all have done and continue to do are nothing short of amazing! I hope to see you all again very soon and I look forward to watching you all grow your capacity to do the kind of life-saving work that you have been doing across the state."

Ezra Stark - Medical Countermeasures Coordinator, Office of Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response, Washington State Department of Health

"As a school district, we have no experience with vaccine clinics. Bird's Eye Medical was willing to help us design a vaccine clinic process and fill in any gaps necessary in order for us to be successful. The Bird's Eye Medical team is flexible; they worked with us to identify where we had assets to bring to the effort and where they needed to identify resources for us. They helped us create clinics that were easy for staff and parents to navigate and access in a familiar and convenient setting (schools)."

Jennifer Priddy, Assistant Superintendent, Finance and Capital Planning

"Thank you for your excellent leadership and participation in last Saturday’s vaccine pop-up.  I heard nothing but positive remarks about the Bird’s Eye team. We look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Leo Morales, MD, PhD, Professor and Assistant Dean, Office of Healthcare Equity, School of Medicine

“Responding to this pandemic has presented extreme challenges for emergency management. We partnered with several professionals having the expertise that is just not part of our field. The medical oversight provided by Bird’s Eye Medical was crucial to our operation. With this knowledge, they made our other healthcare partners better equipped to fulfil the mission; essentially ensuring the success of potential competitors: the truest spirit of teamwork towards the greater goal.”

Todd M. Kilpatrick, Pierce County Emergency Management

"The final walkthrough of your Lewis County Mall vaccination clinic was completed and everything was left in order. The staff was very cordial. Got to hear a great vaccination story. Someone who had not had any vaccines decided to utilize the pop-up because “I know I have to get this”.
Thank your staff for being positive, polite, and professional!"

Meja Handlen, Lewis County Public Health & Social Services


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