Our team is our greatest assest.





These are the core values of our company and the driving force behind what we do every day. We are a team of professionals dedicated to promoting and providing equitable access to healthcare.


Dr. Paul Bunge, MD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Paul Bunge is a practicing Internal Medicine Physician in Olympia, Washington. He has been involved in Infection Prevention for over 20 years, starting with programs in the U.S. Navy. 

He has worked on hospital infection control, safety protocols, infection, and safety prevention on ships and submarines, during Desert Storm, and in the community. He was in Liberia during the Ebola epidemic in 2014, training nurses and doctors in infection control and prevention in clinics and ambulances to help get that outbreak under control. He has treated patients with HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and other viruses. Dr. Bunge is also an instructor for the University of Washington. 

He has diagnosed and treated COVID-19 patients and has been active with hospitals, clinics, and the health department since the outbreak started.


Patrick Hastings, MBA

Chief Operations Officer

Patrick Hastings is a socially-minded businessman and international development strategist. After completing his MBA in China, Patrick spent the greater part of a decade in Asia working with economic development initiatives, serving as a solution provider, consultant and strategist. Patrick is a consensus builder, bridging the gaps that can exist between government entities, investors, and communities to identify needs and turn plans into action.

Patrick is our main client liaison, serving as the catalyst for new initiatives and mobilizing our team to meet your healthcare need.


Dr. Mary Ellen Biggerstaff, FNP, DNP, MPH

Public Health Director

Dr. Mary Ellen Biggerstaff is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate in Nursing in Olympia, Washington. She has sixteen years of experience in nursing, with eleven years in rural primary care, hospital, and addiction medicine. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Frontier Nursing University and holds a Masters In Public Health from The University of California at Berkeley.


Long Nguyen

Operational Director of Pharmacy

Long came to BEM in early 2021 to help establish our COVID-19 vaccine program after a 20-year career in engineering. His extensive experience in quality improvement, LEAN, and team leadership has been a key asset in enabling Bird’s Eye to deploy a rapid response.


Marshall Bishop

Director of Mobile Teams

Marshall Bishop initially joined the Bird's Eye Medical team in February of 2021. He was hired to oversee the contract from the Washington State Department of Health to vaccinate a very large number of adult family homes on a short timeline. Since then, Marshall has led our mobile team efforts with over 600 clinics across the state.


Rachel Loukas, PharmD

Clinical Director of Pharmacy

Rachel has a great mix of experience, from large retail pharmacies to managing small community-based labs. She has also worked within poison control and social services. Rachel worked closely with Dr. Bunge since the beginning of vaccine availability to create our standard operating procedures for mobile vaccination clinics.

Joel Abbott, MD/DO


Suzie Chang, MD/DO


Jonathan Clemens, PA


Shannon Ferraro, ARNP


Sasha Jensen, ARNP


Jennifer Bunge

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Reinhart

Office Manager, Executive Projects

Tony Vitelli

Project Manager, Logistics

Jennifer Jewitt, RN

Project Manager, mAB Team Lead

Kelsey Capper, RN

Project Manager, Test-To-Treat

Madison Hubble

Project Manager, Mobile Teams

Roberto Molina

Project Manager, Mobile Teams

Lawrence Kinnaman

Project Manager, mAb Logistics

Chyanne Hack

Project Manager, Eastern WA mAb

Roberta Herrera, RN

Project Manager, Nurse Staffing

Anna Daley

Medical Data Coordinator

Christian Stecher

HR, Hiring

Sherry Gardi, RN

Nurse on Duty, Hiring Team

Tamra McClurken

Staffing Coordinator

Shelley Kelly, RN

Medical Staff Educator